Aftercare tooth extraction

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So you have just had your tooth extracted. Here are some post operative instructions to help you get over your tooth extraction.

  • you can eat and drink normally, but attempt to eat on the opposite side of the extracted tooth to reduce food impaction.
  • don’t rinse you mouth out on the same day after the extraction. Rinsing your mouth may cause the blood clot, which is necessary for healing to fall out.  Instead on the following day, start rinsing with a warm salt mouth wash 5 times a day for 5 days, especially after all meals. this will help to keep the socket clean from food.
  • take panadol or ibuprofen as soon as possible. Don’t take aspirin.
  • do not smoke as this can slow down healing.
  • do not attempt any heavy lifting or exercise, as this may cause your clot to fall out and your extraction socket to bleed.
  • gauze packs will be given to you after your tooth is removed. If you see dark red oozing blood from the socket, place a gauze pad over the socket and bite down for 15 minutes. Pressure helps to stop bleeding.

Eventually, new bone and gum tissue will grow into the gap left by the extraction. It is important to consider replacing missing teeth to avoid adjacent teeth (if present) moving and impairing chewing function. We will advise you about suitable treatment options. Teeth can be replaced with Dental implants, Bridges or Cosmetic Dentures.

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