Contouring and reshaping

Contouring and reshaping teeth is a very simple tool utilised by your dentist to bring aesthetic balance to your teeth and smile. It requires the judicial removal of thin layers of tooth structure, usually enamel only, to teeth that either stand out because they are too long or teeth that are placed prominently forward of the arch due to crowding or because a tooth has erupted and positioned at an angle. Contouring and reshaping these misaligned teeth helps to reduce the obvious disparities and helps to create uniformity and aesthetic balance and proportions when observed against neighbouring teeth. It is very common to have the judicial placement of composite resin done at the same time to improve the aesthetics.

The process.

An initial smile assessment and consultation with your dentist is required to assess if you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic recontouring and reshaping.

The dentist will then remove small amounts of tooth structure, usually from enamel only, in one or more teeth to improve on the visual harmony.


Q. Is this process of Contouring and reshaping painful?

As long as the dentist remains in enamel there should be less pain during and after the procedure. If bulk reduction of tooth structure is required, leading to dentine exposure this can cause post operative sensitivity. Furthermore, as dentine is exposed, your teeth may look more discoloured.

Q. How long does this procedure take?

In most cases treatment can be completed within 15-30 minutes.