Dry Socket.

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What is a Dry Socket? 

A dry socket is an infection in your tooth socket after a tooth has been removed. It is a very common occurence.

The condition usually develops when a blood clot fails to form in the socket, or if the blood clot comes loose. This may be due to smoking, rinsing the mouth out too vigourously, or having some food impacted into the socket.

In normal healing, once the tooth has been removed a blood clot forms to promote healing. The clot lays the foundation for the growth of new bone tissue.

When a dry socket occurs, this blood clot is lost and the exposed bone becomes infected and inflamed. The socket appears empty – hence the name.

Dry socket- Symptoms

Q. What are the symptoms of a dry socket?

The symptoms of a dry socket are usually an unpleasant taste, bad smell, bad breath and severe ache in the extraction area. Sometimes it may feel like you have an ear ache.

You may not have any symptoms until three to five days after the extraction.

Dry socket-Treatment

Q. How do I treat a dry socket?

A dy socket, although uncomfortable is relatively predictable in its healing. Contact your dentist and book yourself an appointment if you notice any symptoms of a dry socket. We can help you by placing a special pain relieving dressing in the socket like Alveogyl (oil of cloves), flush out any food or debris within the socket with a chlorohexidine rinse,  give you antibiotics and suggest suitable pain relief.

Dr Michael Leong is an emergency dentist at Just Dental Care, Carseldine. He will be happy to provide treatment for your dry socket symptoms.

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