Teeth Whitening. Welcome to a whiter brighter smile.

“Teeth whitening is the most affordable and easiest solution to improve your smile and increase your self esteem”.

Dr Michael Leong is a Teeth Whitening Dentist. He believes that one of the most simple and affordable ways to improve a smile is via a professionally applied Teeth Whitening procedure.

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Teeth whitening can be the most simple and affordable way of getting a new smile. Having teeth look whiter and brighter can give you more confidence. Teeth whitening is a procedure that involves using a chemical like 6% hydrogen peroxide gel. This gel penetrates through the outer enamel layer to whiten the darker dentin layer. The dentin layer can be yellow, grey or brown in colour. As the gel lightens the dentin, this gives the appearance of whiter teeth.

There is generally 2 ideal procedures for teeth whitening. In chair whitening and take home whitening. In chair whitening like Zoom, uses a higher concentration whitening gel and a blue UV light to accelerate the whitening procedure. Take home whitening involves a lower concentration bleaching gel and customised bleaching trays.

Teeth Whitening will not damage your teeth at all, although it may cause some temporary sensitivity during the whitening process. Using desensitising pastes or Tooth Mousse can help with this.

In-chair whitening

In chair whitening like Zoom which is a laser teeth whitening procedure uses a higher concentration gel compared to the take home systems.  As a result, the procedure is quicker and can take between 1-2 hrs. The disadvantage is that there can be extreme sensitivity during and after the bleaching process.

Take home whitening

Take Home Whitening  uses custom made trays and tooth whitening gels. It is a great option if you would like to whiten gradually and decide how white you would like your teeth to be. This is Dr Leong’s personal choice of treatment.

Each patient will experience different results so contacts us today to meet with us and discover how your teeth could look after treatment.

The procedure

Take home teeth whitening systems.

A consultation with your dentist is required to assess if you are a suitable candidate for bleaching. People with thin enamel or who have teeth that are heavily restored may not be great candidates. An initial shade of your teeth will be taken so that you have a baseline to compare against and expectations and desired cosmetic outcomes will be discussed. If suitable, impressions of your upper and lower teeth will be taken, and custom made bleaching trays will be fabricated. Your dentist will then give you instructions on how to correctly use the teeth whitening system.

FAQs on teeth whitening

Q. How long does my teeth stay white?

The ability for your teeth to stay whiter longer depends on how often you drink coffee, tea and red wine or consume foods that may stain, i.e. curries that may contain cumin and beetroot. Smoking also contributes to discoloured teeth.

Q. When can I start drinking coffee, tea, and red wine?

Because teeth whitening opens up the pores within your teeth, it is recommended to refrain from coffee, tea, red wine and foods that may stain, during the bleaching period and for 2 weeks after the bleaching process.

Q. How can I reduce the sensitivity during the bleaching process and increase the longevity of my bleached teeth?

At Just Dental Care, we recommend a product called Tooth Mousse, which helps to seal your tooth and reduce sensitivity.

Q. Will bleaching my teeth be effective on Tetracycline stained teeth?

Tetracycline stained teeth can be whitened, but it takes a lot longer to do. Instead of between 1-2 weeks, it can take months of applications to get a lighter result.  However, the end result will still not appear completely natural. Your teeth won’t have that natural sparkling translucency consistent with naturally bright teeth. The best treatment for tetracycline teeth stains, however, especially if it is severe, is porcelain veneers or if you want an affordable option, a Snap on Smile is advised.

Q. How do dental professional teeth whitening procedures compare to supermarket, pharmacy or shopping centre products.

Supermarket and pharmacy products like teeth whitening pens, strips and gels all work to a small extent, but because they are sold in lower concentrations than dentist supplied whitening products, the effects are minimal. One of the other important considerations in favour of a dentist supplied system is the fabrication of custom made dental trays, which fit your teeth perfectly. This reduces waste and ensures an accurate bleaching process.  It also ensures that your gums and lips are protected from the bleaching formulation.

The most important factor in favour of using dentist supplied teeth whitening products is the advise and follow up. Most of the off the shelf teeth whitening systems do not have warnings with regards to diet and those companies will definitely not ring you to see how your teeth whitening treatment is going.

If you would like to know more about teeth whitening, please contact us now for a consultation.