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We produce aesthetic dental fillings to create a natural looking smile.

At Just Dental Care our dental fillings contain composite resin or porcelain. We are an amalgam free practice!!.

To create a natural looking smile our dental fillings must be aesthetic. Composite resin and porcelain fall into this category because they are tooth coloured. They are also a healthier alternative to traditional metallic (amalgam) restorations.

For small dental fillings, composite resin is used to restore your teeth. However, in some cases where there is a large surface area of filling material required, the tooth may be better filled with a porcelain inlay.

Porcelain inlays are known as indirect restorations and are highly suitable for larger areas of tooth loss as they can provide more strength and protection compared to direct composite fillings. They also last longer than composite resin.

At Just Dental Care, we will also give you the option to replace old metal (amalgam) fillings, which make your teeth look grey and dull. Replacing these metal fillings can have a dramatic affect on the overall appearance of your smile. We can replace your old metal fillings with composite resin, inlays or crowns.


chipped teeth restored with composite resin

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